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Nov 5

The Economics of Piracy

World Bank report  “Piracy Trails” on the money flows financing piracy:

Oct 22

Easley & Kleinberg: Networks, Crowds, and Markets

Downloadable PDF chapters at:

Sketches of 71 Economics Nobel Laureates

Free PDF!

"This is path-breaking work in intellectual history, the best contribution to the history of modern economics in recent memory, fascinating as intellectual biography and autobiography, and it should be snapped up immediately by some enterprising publisher"- Tyler Cowen

Oct 20

Oct 14

Code and Data for the Social Sciences

Nice guide to good practice in economics and finance at:
Code and Data for the Social Sciences: A Practitioner’s Guide

NBER Video Lectures on Econometrics

NBER Lectures on using Text as data etc:

Understanding Asset Prices

"The Nobel Committee’s "Understanding Asset Prices" - the scientific background paper for the Fama, Hansen, Shiller award is excellent. It is pretty much a self-contained graduate course in empirical finance".-John Cochrane.

Copy here:

Oct 13

EGO v other egos

Krugman v. Ferguson

if you could be bothered.

Can’t make it to a Nobel Prize - theres still a chance!

The 2013 Ig Nobel Awards- some of the research which won is is just great!

The Peace prize and the Probability Prize seem more than well deserved  as was the one to Dr. Bodnar but you can decide your own favourite!

What did they eat in the year 1400?

As Janet Mendel says:

"Five hundred and twenty-one years ago, when Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella sat down to dinner, there was not a potato, bean, pepper or tomato in sight. No chocolate for dessert. These and many other now-familiar foods were unknown in the world as it was known before Columbus’s voyage in 1492. “

Add to this there were little or no  spices from the east -pepper,cinnamon, cassia, cardamom, ginger, and turmeric till Vasca de Gama sailed around the Cape of Good Hope to India  in 1497.

So what did they eat in Europe prior to this one wonders? 

File:The International Brands which sells Black Pepper (Variant Tellicherry Pepper).jpg

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